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Nowadays, the concept of a beauty salon is not limited to just hair and nail care services but has expanded to include wellness and full-body relaxation services- -sort of a "one-stop shop" for all kinds of pampering. Fresh Salon & Spa is fast becoming one of the more popular venues for men and women on the lookout for quality but affordable hair, face and body treatments. (The salon also offers a line of exclusive high-grade products that carry the Fresh name so customers can maintain their " Fresh look" at home.)


Rodney opened the first Fresh Salon & Spa along Rev. Aglipay Street in Mandaluyong City in November 2005. Rodney believes that word-of-mouth advertising is the most efficient marketing tool especially for establishments which provide personal care services. With a crew of service providers who practically grew up with the business and whom he personally honed into the professional service providers that they are today, he made it his utmost priority to ensure that clients leave his salon happy and satisfied, and consequently refer their friends and relatives to the salon.


Being able to maintain a wide client base and retain loyal patronage are no easy feats for Rodney and his team. To keep up with competition, the group keeps in mind that excellent customer service does not end with an untiring smile but includes keeping abreast of current trends and techniques, using first-grade products, and working with state-of-the-art tools and equipment.


In 2007, Rodney commissioned RK Franchise Consultancy Inc. to develop Fresh Salon & Spa Franchise System. It was also a turning point for Fresh Salon & Spa Franchise to develop its operations manual to standardize the quality of salon services. Todate, Fresh Salon Spa has over 30 Branches all over the Philippines.


If you are raring to go into the salon-spa business without having to go through the headaches and trip-ups you will no doubt encounter at business start-up, it's an excellent idea to get a Fresh Salon & Spa franchise and be in business in no time. You can do away with having to spend valuable time on researching what equipment to buy, negotiating leases, creating your own product lines, and drawing up training programs for your personnel. Rodney will personally teach you how to run your Rodney fresh Salon & Spa outlet as professionally as how all of its other outlets are being run. And people will flock to your salon wherever it might be.


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